A Bolder Blonde Is Offering Bolder Beauty Scholarship Workshops To Students And First Year Stylists.

The Purpose Of These Scholarships Is To Help Integrate A Salon Education That Is Highly-Specialized For Students And First-Year Stylists To Be Better Prepared For Professional Salon Environments And Current Hair Trends.


The Desired Result Is To Help Students And Stylists Achieve Higher Paying Positions With Greater Client Satisfaction, Client Retention, Leading To A Happy And Prosperous Career And Fulfilled Life.

 "When I started cosmetology in 1995, it was with the determination that I was going to apprentice with a Color Specialist at one of the most prestigious salons in Boulder, CO.  I saw the most amazing haircolor come out of that salon and became absolutely obsessed with working there.  There was nowhere else that I was going to work. Period. 

 I had the understanding that school was for basic training and that the specialized education was out in the salon. It is that salon education that set stylists apart in overall cleanliness, color and cutting techniques, client satisfaction, stylist prices, and career satisfaction. 

 I realize now how lucky I was to receive that incredible level of education and strict training to build upon.  After living in a couple of cities outside of Boulder and having to do extreme corrective-color and corrective-cutting work from other stylists, it forced me to grow immensely and think outside the box as a hairdresser. In order to do these corrections I had to create entirely new concepts.

 As a result, I created and branded my exclusive color program and training program.


 Since The Great Recession of 2009, I see a lot of new professionals not getting the training they deserve.

 During the recession, many salons went back to 'booth rent only' business strategies and others were quick to throw stylists out on the floor with very limited education. These decisions negatively impacted salon culture, stylist growth, and client satisfaction over the last decade, especially in Colorado where the cost of living is also rising at an incredible pace.

 Currently, with the fallout of Pandemic 2020, we have yet to see the full impact on the professional beauty industry.

 Now more than ever, as a stylist, if you want to make high dollar on your haircuts and even more on color, then you need the training.

 As well as the desire to be ambitious and work your way to the top so that you can live your best life.

 If you want to set yourself apart from other stylists that are applying for the same in-demand positions, then you need to have a better resume and portfolio.

 If you go out on your own sooner than expected, you'll need your skills to be the best in order to thrive, not just survive.

 You're only going to get as much out of your career as you invest in it.

 These Bolder Beauty Scholarships will require you to invest your time with maximum effort on the writing portion, while also showing your best work from your past (as well as the present). 

 The synopsis of the scholarship workshop can be found below, as well as:

 Essay Submission Formats, Photo Submission Formats, Scholarship Rules, and Workshop Waiver

 Good Luck To All Applicants! I look forward to reading your submissions." ~Misty Dawn



 - Offered To Current Cosmetology Students, First Year Stylists, And African-American Students/First Year Stylists 

 - One Entry Period With Three Winners, One Winner For Each Category

 - Look. Learn. Discuss. Assist. Hands-In

 - Mannequin And Model Work 

 - Scholarship Workshop Dates To Be Determined In 2022

 - Scholarship Workshop Is A Full Eight (8) Hrs. Of Tough Hands-On Work. 

   Come Prepared And Ready To Move Fast.


 - Consultation Strategy and Color Formulation Strategy

 - Bolder Foiling Techniques

 - Bolder ShadowRoot, ColorMelt, And ColorCombing Techniques For Seamless Color

 - Balayage And Ombre Techniques

 - Bolder Scalp Massaging Techniques

 - The Bolder Haircut With Specialty Texturizing Techniques

 - And The Bolder Blowout With Volumized And Smooth Styling  

​ - A Gloss, Tailored Haircut, And Smooth And Volumized Blowout Will Be Performed On A Model.

 - Your Workshop Will Be Finalized With Photos For Your Portfolio :)

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 Scholarship Submission Form

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