Color Corrections!

A Bolder Blonde Specializes....

 A Bolder Blonde Specializes In Haircolor Corrections, Tailored Haircuts, Custom Extensions, Custom Wigs, Pravana Smoothing Treatments, Pravana Vivids, Redken Color, Paul Mitchell Styling, And Celeb Luxury Customized Color Shampoos.

Types Of Corrections....

 A Bolder Blonde Uses TMM Gold Theory For Color-Corrections And Specializes In These Specific Corrections: Solids, Color Bands, Silver, And Many More.  Number Of Approximate Hours Depend On Complexity Of Desired End Result.

A. Solids

   1. A Bolder Blonde- Fixing A Spotty Blonde (Approximately 2 Hours)

   2. Blonde To Brunette (Approximately 3 to 4 Hours)

   3. Get The Red Out (Approximately 3 To 10 Hours)

   4. Get The Black Out (Approximately 3 To 10 Hours)

   5. Virgin Blonding On Dark Hair/Medium Hair/Blonde Hair (Approximately 3 To 6 Hours)

   6. Color Down From Blonde To Black Or Red (Approximately 5 Hours)

B. Color Bands

   7. Color Bands Ranging From 1 Inch To 6 Inches (Approximately 3 To 5 Hours)

   8. Triple Banded Blondes (Approximately Up To 3 Hours)

   9. The Neopolitan- Three Different Colored Color Bands (Approximately 3 To 10 Hours)

C. Silver

   10. Natural Silver Blending-  Adding Color To Natural Silver Hair Via Foils (Approximately Normal Pricing)

   11. Natural Silver Coverage- All Over Coverage (Approximately Normal Pricing)

   12. Get The Color Out- Back To Natural Silver (Approximately Up To 10 Hours)


 Color-Corrections Are $100/hr And Usually Take A Minimum Of 3 Hours, With More Complicated Corrections Taking Upwards Of 9 To 10 Hours If A Single Session Is Desired.  Color-Correction Consultations Usually Take Up To 30 Minutes And Are $30.


 A 50% Deposit Is Required To Hold Your Correction Appointment For The Day. Cancellations Will Have A Non-Refundable $100 Fee. So Please Be Sure About Your Appointment Before Scheduling A Day's Worth Of Work On Misty Dawn's Schedule.

 Thank You For Your Understanding.

 A Bolder Blonde