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 A Bolder Blonde Specializes In Haircolor Corrections, Specialty Haircolor, Tailored Haircuts, Luxury Custom Extensions, Custom Wigs, Pravana Smoothing Hair Treatments, Paul Mitchell Styling And Tools, Redken Color, Paul Mitchell Styling, And Pravana Vivids.

Brand Of Wigs....

 I Only Work With Powder Room D Wigs. You Can Check Out Their Website At And Purchase Your Desired Wig. I Fully Customize Their Synthetic Wigs. Through Very Tedious Work, I Give Them More Natural Texture And Cut Them To Your Face Shape And Desired Hairstyle. Your Wig Will Be Placed And Pinned On A Styrofoam Wig Head To Keep It In The Desirable Form For Storage.


 "Lived In" Wig Customization Is An All Day Event. Wig Appointments Are On Thursdays Only.  A 50% Non-Refundable Deposit Is Required To Hold Your Wig Appointment For The Day.

Type Of Wigs And Cost....

 Powder Room D's Synthetic Collection Is The Best I've Seen So Far And They're A Great Company.  Their Synthetics Are Very Reasonably Priced As Well, And If You Follow Them On Instagram They Will Alert Followers To Sales.  Their Prices Range From $150 To $170 And Their Sales Can Bring Cost Down Dramatically, So Go Ahead And Buy That Wig That You'd Thought You'd Never Try!  All Of Their Wigs Are 24" Long And Are Advertised As 150% to 180% Density, Which Is Extremely Long And Thick.  It Is This Reason That Their Synthetics Are Advertised As Party and Photoshoot Wigs, But It's Also Exactly The Reason That I Can Customize Them For Everyday Wear.  They Give A Lot For Me To Work With!

 I Was Amazed by The Diversity Of Their Synthetic Wigs And Challenged Myself To See If I Could Give Them A Natural Customizing. In The Long Run, I Knew It Would Save Clients Thousands Of Dollars On Color-Corrections On Their Natural Hair And That Their Natural Hair Would Remain Healthy.  Clients Can Now Wear Their Hair However They Like And Be Adventurous!

 Powder Room D Wigs Give Endless Options.  You Can Have A Shadow Root, An Ombre, Red Hair, Purple Hair, Pink Hair, Light Hair, And Dark Hair.  Almost Every Color You Can Think Of And Plenty Of Colors You Can't. Click On The Link Above And Take A Tour Of Pure Imagination!


  The First Thing You Should Know About Ordering Is That Wig Caps Are Different For Specific Styles.  If The Wig Is Straight And All One Length, The Cap Should Offer Plenty Of Room.  If The Wig Appears As Long Layered Curls, The Cap Will Be Slightly Smaller.  If The Wig Appears As Long Layered Curls And Is A Fashion Color From Top To Bottom (Rather Than Natural), The Cap Seems To Be Smaller Still.  I Suggest Ordering Wigs Of Different Colors And Styles To Get A Feel For The Caps And Make Your Decision On Which You Want To Spend The Money To Customize.

 My Process Is Lengthy On Customizing. 

 First Thing's First, When You Pull Your Wig Out Of Its Bag, You'll Notice That The Synthetic Texture Of Each Strand Will Start To Climb Itself Into Knots, And Knots On 24 Inches Of 180% Density Hair Is Daunting To Say The Least. 

 I Start By Changing The Texture Of The Hair So That It Doesn't Climb Itself Anymore, By Adding Styling Products To The Hair, Section By Section. 

 Once The Products Are Applied, The Hair Is Flat-Ironed At 185 Degrees, Section By Section, To Further Control The Hair. 

 Once I Have Control From Knotting, Then I Am Able To Custom Cut, Section By Section.

 The Wig Is Given Natural Baby Hairs Around The Hairline And Given Natural Texture Throughout, Section By Section.

 After This, The Wig Is Finally Given A Haircut! Phew!!!  That Was A Lot Of Work!  Six To Eight Hours Of Work, It Turns Out.

Customization Cost....

 The Cost Of Customization Of A Synthetic Wig Is Also A Huge Benefit.  Human Hair Wigs Are Well Over A Thousand Dollars At Base Price Without Customizing!  The Custom Synthetic Service Is $600-$800, Being A Synthetic It Will Last Longer As Well.  I Can Also Tell You That It Sheds Less Than Human Hair Extensions.  Durability And Adventure Well Spent! 

Maintenance And Styling....

 Coming Soon

 A Bolder Blonde