Color Specialty &  Haircolor Corrections

 A Bolder Blonde 



 My Re-Texturing And Haircutting Process Is Lengthy On Customizing Synthetic Wigs. 

 First Thing's First, When A Synthetic Wig Is Pulled Out Of Its Bag, The Synthetic Texture Of Each Strand Will Start To Climb Itself Into Knots, And Knots On 24 Inches Of 180% Density Hair Is Daunting To Say The Least.  This Is Why Synthetic Wigs Get A Bad Name....

 So I Start By Changing The Texture Of The Hair So That It Doesn't Climb Itself Anymore, Section By Section.

 When I'm Done It Acts And Feels More like Human Hair.

 Once I Have Control From Knotting, Then I Am Able To Fully Custom Cut, Section By Section.

​ I Customize The Ends Of The Hair For Natural Movement, As Well As The Entire Interior, Using All Of My Tools.

 I Customize Right Down To The Baby Hairs Around The Hairline. This Is What Makes Them Look Natural.

 I Finalize The Service With Your Preferred Wig Style.

 And We Schedule An Appointment To Cut The Faceframe And/Or Bangs To Your Face Shape. Your Synthetic Wig Will Look And Act Like Real Hair.

 The Largest Cost Of Human Hair Is Not Only The Wig Itself But Also Color Customization. 

 The Biggest Benefit Is That Your Color Can Be Whatever You Want It To Be And Styling Is Easier On Human Hair.

 Customization Cost....


 The 22-24" Synthetic Wig Customizing (Re-Texturing And Cut) Cost Is Determined By Consult.

 The Appointment Time Can Be Anywhere From 6 To 8 Hours Depending On Consult.

 Synthetic Wig Deposits Are At 65% Of Total Cost And Are Non-Refundable.


​ The 24" Human Hair Wig Customizing (Cut And Color) Cost Is Determined By Consult.

 The Appointment Time Can Be Anywhere From 6 To 8 Hours Or More.

 Human Hair Wig Deposits Are At 65% Of Total Cost And Are Non-Refundable.

 (Customization + Wig Costs Are Approximate).

​​Bridal Wigs....

 Bridal Wigs Or Special Occasion Wigs Have Become Very Popular.  Current Upstyle Trends On Instagram Are Largely Wigs.

 Wigs Are A Great Way To Play With Different Colors, Different Lengths, And Hair Density To Achieve Intricate And Fuller-Looking Hair  Trends. And A Great Way To Save Time On Your Special Day.

 Maintenance And Styling....

 Your Wig Will Come With It's Own Maintenance Sheet And You Can Also Book A Maintenance Appointment For Your Wig If You Feel More Comfortable With A Beauty Pro Handling Your Wig.

 A Wig Wash, Re-Texture, And Blowout With Roller Setting Service Is Offered In-Salon.

​ 1 Hr 30 Min

​ Specialty Styling Priced Upon Consultation.

Customized Wigs!

 A Bolder Blonde Specializes....

 A Bolder Blonde Specializes In Haircolor Corrections, Specialty Haircolor, Tailored Haircuts, Luxury Custom Extensions, Custom Wigs, Pravana Smoothing Hair Treatments, Paul Mitchell Styling And Tools, Redken Color, And Pravana Vivids.

 Brand Of Wigs....


 I Prefer To Work With Powder Room D Wigs. You Can Check Out Their Website At

 I Fully Customize Their Heat-Safe Synthetic Wigs. Through Very Tedious Work, I Give Them More Natural Texture And Cut Them To Your Face Shape And Desired Hairstyle. Your Wig Will Be Placed And Pinned On A Styrofoam Wig Head To Keep It In The Desirable Form For Your Storage.


 I Prefer To Work With Bellami Human Hair Wigs. You Can Check Out Their Website At

 I Fully Customize Their Human Hair Wigs With Your Custom Color And Desired Haircut. Your Wig Will Be Placed And Pinned On A Styrofoam Wig Head To Keep It In The Desired Form For Your Storage. 


 Wig Customization Is An All Day Event. Wig Appointments Are On Thursdays Only.  Custom Wig Payments Are Non-Refundable.

 The Payments Are Split Into Two Over a Period Of Milestones.

 Your First Payment Is A 65% Non-Refundable Deposit That Is Required At Time Of Scheduling Your Wig Appointments.

 Your Final Payment Is Due At Your First In-Salon Appointment For Customizing The Cut To Your Face Shape. 

 Type Of Wigs And Cost....


 Powder Room D's Synthetic Collection Is The Best I've Seen So Far And They're A Great Company.  Their Synthetics Are Very Reasonably Priced As Well. 

 Most All Of Their Wigs Are 24" Long And Are Advertised As 150% to 180% Density, Which Is Extremely Long And Thick.  But It's Also Exactly The Reason That I Can Customize Them For Everyday Wear.  They Give A Lot For Me To Work With.

 I Was Amazed By The Diversity Of Their Synthetic Wigs And Powder Room D Wigs Give Endless Options.  You Can Have A Shadow Root, An Ombre, Almost Every Color You Can Think Of, And Plenty Of Colors You Can't.

 Powder Room D Wigs Are Heat Safe Up To 300 Degrees, So Be Sure That You Also Have Digital Styling Tools.


 Bellami Human Hair Wigs Are Long And Thick, The Hair Is Reliable, And The Quality Is Great.

 Bellami Wigs Range In Length From 14" Up To 34" With A Blonde Base For Custom Coloring.

 Their Human Hair Wigs Are Heat Safe And Easy To Style.