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 A Bolder Blonde 


 Freehand Coloring, Like Balayage, Represents A Number Of New Color Service Trends That You See All Over The Internet. 

​ Celebrities And Models Are Often The First To Wear Them.

 But What Are All Of These New Color Services And What Do They Look Like?

 Freehand Coloring Represents A Number Of Highly-Skilled Techniques.

 These Techniques Feature What We Call Color Blurring, Color Smudging, ColorCombing, WaterColor, And ColorMelting For Seamlessly Blended Color.

 The More Blended The Color, The More Skilled The Colorist.

 The Most Known Techniques Of Freehand Coloring Are The Ombre, Balayage, Balayage Ombre, Foilayage, ShadowRoot, And ColorMelt.

​ A Balayage Is A Freehanded Highlight That Typically Starts Further Down The Hair For A Soft And Natural Growout.

 A Balayage Can Also Feature A Faceframe Highlight, Usually Called The "MoneyPiece" For More Pop Of Contrast.

 There Are Many Different Types Of Balayage That A Client Can Choose:

 Deep Balayage- Starts Lower On The Hair For A Deeper Transition Of Color.

Bright Balayage- Starts Higher On The Hair For A Lighter Overall Color.

 Babylight Balayage- Uses A Fine And Concentrated Weave Producing A Lot Of Brightness In A Selected Area Or All Over.

 Dimensional Balayage- Uses A Thicker Weave In Larger Sections For The Most Dimension.

​ Balayage Ombre- A Lighter Version Of Balayage With Completely Lightened Ends From The Ombre.

Reverse Balayage- Uses A Darker Color To Add Freehand Lowlights To The Hair, Usually In Conjunction With A ShadowRoot Service.

 A Bolder Blonde Salon Always Utilizes WaterColor, ColorCombing, And ColorMelting Techniques with Our Balayage And Other Freehand Techniques For The Best Blend You Can Get.


 A Bolder Blonde Specializes....

 A Bolder Blonde Specializes In Haircolor Corrections, Specialty Haircolor, Tailored Haircuts, Luxury Custom Extensions, Custom Wigs, Pravana Smoothing Hair Treatments, Paul Mitchell Styling And Tools, Redken Color, And Pravana Vivids.


 What Is The Bolder Experience? And What Makes A Bolder Blonde Salon So Different From Any Other Salon?

 The Simple Answer Is, Everything; From Online Presence, To Hair Services Offered, And More Importantly, Your Salon Experience.

Online Presence

 Misty Dawn Created The Foundations Of A Bolder Blonde Based Off Of Specific Ideals She Deemed Necessary For Her Salon To Be The Best In Terms Of Business, Environment, And Technique.

 As A Self-Employed Entrepreneur, She Lives And Breathes Her Business Brand.

 While It's Hard Work, It Feeds Her Passion, Goals, And Respect She Has For Her Career.

​ Laying The Foundations Of Any Business Is Incredibly Hard Work But Absolutely Worth It.

 The Goal Of Online Presence Is Simple; To Show Clients The Value That She Places On Her Business Brand And Client Services.

 Hair Services Offered

 A Bolder Blonde's Salon Service Menu Represents Traditional Hair Services, But Also Incorporates Color-Correction Services, And Contemporary Hair Services.

 With An Updated Service Menu, Your Stylist Knows Exactly How Much Time A Client's Services Will Take And Can Give More Accurate Approximations On Service Costs.

 Salon Suite

 The Bolder Salon Experience Is Meant For Client Relaxation, Good Conversation And Laughs, And Beautification.

 A Bolder Blonde's Salon Suite Is Professional, Private, And Comfy, With High Ceilings And Perfect Light For Haircoloring.


​ Color Consultations Are Very Thorough; From Discussing Where Your Hair Is At, To Where You Want It To Be, What It Will Take To Get There, Haircare Products You Should Be Using, Haircolor Aftercare To Keep Your New Hair Looking Its Best, And Planning Your Future Appointments.

 Color Techniques Are Precise, Fast, And Current With Trends.

 If You Have Pictures, They Can Absolutely Be Deciphered, And You And Your Stylist Can Decide If It's What You Really Want.

 Haircolor Services

 A Bolder Blonde Salon Uses Redken Haircolor Which Has A Gentle Formula For On-The-Scalp Colors.

 It's Always Reliable And Has The Most Diverse Selection Of Colors.

 Color Applications Are Always Clean...Because No One Likes To Wear Color On Their Skin, Ever.

 A Bolder Blonde Salon Specifically Uses BlondMe Hair Lightener From Schwarzkopf.

 It Has Up To 9 Levels Of Lift With Hair Bonders In The Formula.

 It Works Fast And Keeps The Hair Healthy.

 A Color Service Isn't Rushed And Clients Are Not Booked In-Between Other Clients.

 Every Haircolor Ends With A Relaxing Scalp Massage To Help You Unwind From The Stresses Of Life.

 Haircut Services

​ Every Haircut Starts With A Relaxing Scalp Massage. Bolder Haircuts Are Completely Tailored To You And Your Hair Type.

 Your Hair Is Cut Wet, Dry, And Styled To Create The Most Precise And Volumized Haircut That Is Easy For You To Style.

 Your Hair Will Move In A Way That You Haven't Experienced Before.


 Every Tailored Haircut And Haircolor Is Finished With A Volumized And Smooth Blowout For That Salon-Fresh Look.

 Paul Mitchell Styling Products And Styling Tools Are Used.


 You Will Never have To Worry About Booking Your Own Appointment On An App,

 Or Talking With A Receptionist About Your Color And Cut Schedule.

 That's Your Stylist's Job, Not Yours, So You Can Be Stress-Free.

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