~ Color Correction Clients Have A $100 Consultation Deposit That Is Due At Time Of Contact From Waitlist.  

 Read More About Your Consult Deposits Below....

 ~ Consultation Deposits Are Paid Via Email Invoicing From Square To The Email You Provided On The Form.  

 ~ A Text Notification Of Your Emailed Invoice Is Sent To The Phone Number You Provided.  

 ~ Payment Is Due Upon Receipt Of Email. (Consult Invoices Are Cancelled After 3 Days Of Non-Payment).  

 ~ When Your Consultation Fee Has Been Paid, Your Online Consultation Will Be Initiated Via Email Using Your Uploaded Current Picture, Inspo Picture, And The Contents Of Your Message.  

 ~ Consult Fees Are Separate And Are Not Applied To Services.

​ ~ After The Consultation, And When Your Service Deposits Have Been Paid, Your Appointment Will Be Secured And On The Schedule Via Text Message To Your Phone Number Provided.

 Read About Service Deposits Below....


​ Another Part Of My Business Transparency Is Sharing How Client Prebooking And Appointment Budgeting Are Handled.

 ~ Most Clients Are Booked Out For The Year, Along With Their Hair Service Rotations.  

 ~ Your Hair Schedule And Services Are Also Texted To You For Approval Or Changes.

 There Are Many Reasons For Doing This:

 ~ You'll Know Exactly When You'll Be In The Salon And Can Rearrange Any Hair Appointments To Suit Your Future Schedule (Such As Vacations, Work Conferences, And Holiday Travel), And You'll Know What Services To Budget For And When.

 ~ Major Color Appointments Are Usually Paired With A Small Haircutting Service Like Texturizing, A Bang And Blend, Or A Perimeter Haircut.  

 ~ And Haircuts Are Usually Paired With Smaller Color Services, Or Are Stand-Alone Appointments.  However You Want It.

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 ~ Color-Correction Consultations:  Are 30Min Online (or In-Salon) And Can Be Scheduled Via The Contact Page.

 ~ A Major Color-Correction Would Be A Color Level Change From Brunette To Blonde, Black Color Removal, Multiple Color Bands, Vivid Color Removal, And Major Silver Corrections. 

 ~ Color-Correction Consultations Have A Prepaid Service Charge Of $100 Online That Is Invoiced To Your Email.  

 ~ Payment Is Due Upon Receipt.  

 ~ Your Consult Deposit Payment Is Due After The New Client Form Is Submitted.

 ~ Color-Correction Consultations And Appointments Are Not Scheduled Until The Deposit Invoices Are Paid. 

 ~ Consult Fees Are Separate And Are Not Applied To Services.


 ~ First Time Clients Have A Non-Refundable Services Deposit That Must Be Paid At Time Of Booking (And Has A One-Time Transfer For A Reschedule Made At Time Of Appointment Confirmation, Day-Of-Service Cancellations Are Non-Transferable).  

 ~ Deposits Are Paid Via Email Invoicing From Square.  

 ~ A Text Notification Is Sent To Your Phone When Your Invoice Has Been Emailed For Deposit Payment. 

 ~ Payment Is Due Upon Receipt.  

 ~ Your Service Deposit Will Be Deducted From Your Total At Checkout On Day Of Your Appointment.


 ~ Haircut Deposit $65

 ~ Haircut And Color Deposit $165

 ~ Haircut And Foil Service Deposit (3hrs) $195

 ~ Specialty Service Deposit (4hrs) $285

 ~ Corrective Service Deposit (6hrs) $720

 ~ Major Corrective Service Deposit (8hrs) $965

Afterpay Payments....

~ All Afterpay Service Deposits And Payments Are Paid 100% In-Full Upfront

~ With A Transaction Fee Of 4%



 ~ Misty Dawn Is Now Accepting A New Client Waitlist On Thursdays Only (Morning To Afternoon).  

 ~ Misty Dawn Is Fully Booked Fri-Mon With The Exception Of The Occasional Cancellation Or Reschedule (Or There Just Happens To Be An Opening On The Schedule).  

 ~ New Clients Can Add Themselves To The Waitlist Via The Contact Page. 


 ~ A Bolder Blonde Is Proud To Be A No-Tip Salon.

 ~ Prices Are Straight-Forward, What You See Is What You'll Spend.  

 ~ Client Checkout Is Quick And Effortless With No Awkward Feels.

Business Practice Transparency Is Very Important To Most People, As Such, A Bolder Blonde's Service Menu Keeps All Charges Accounted For So That You Know Exactly How I Do Business And What To Expect At Checkout.

 Consultation Price Quotes Will Have A Lower End And A High End To Accommodate All Possible Foreseeable Service And Product Charges.

 ~ Clients With Consistent Re-Schedules Will Not Be Prebooked.  

   (Appointments Will Be Required To Be Scheduled The Week Of Inquiry And May Require Non-Refundable Service Deposits At Time Of Scheduling).

 ~ Last Minute Re-Schedules And Cancels Are Paid At 100%

    When A Client Cancels The Night Before Or Day Of Appointment, The Spot Cannot Be Filled And Is A Total Loss.

     Because Of This Loss, It Is Paid For At 100%

    We Will Try To Get You On The Books Within Two Weeks Of Your Original Spot, But If Not, A New Appointment Must Be Made And Paid For (Or We Will Wait Until Your Next One).

 ~ No-Shows Are Paid At 100%

​    No-Shows Must Be Paid In Order To Remain On The Books, (If You Have Future Appointments Scheduled).

​    If Your No-Show Remains Unpaid For Three Days After Invoice, Your Appointments Will Be Removed From The Books.​

    If The Fee Remains Unpaid, You Will Be Placed On A No-Booking List.


 ~ Checks Will Only Be Accepted After Ten (10) Consistent Bookings With A New Client.

 ~ A Bolder Blonde Apologizes For Such Strict Salon Policies, They Are Necessary.

 A Bolder Blonde 

Color Specialty &  Haircolor Corrections