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 A Bolder Blonde 

Types Of EXTREME Corrections....

 A Bolder Blonde Uses Bolder Color Theory For Color-Corrections And Specializes In Color-Corrections. 

 EXTREME Color-Corrections Are A Combination Of Three Or More Corrections That Are Presented All At Once;

 1. Hair That Has Once Been Red Or Black (Red Correction)

 2. Has Been Previously Lifted (Damaged)

 3. Has Had Attempts By Stylists To Be Corrected (Stylist Correction And More Damage)

 4. Has Hidden Or Obvious Color Bands (Color Band Correction)

 5. Has Hidden Or Obvious Porosity Bands (From Previous Damage And Banding)

 This Is Also Hair That Has A Long Hair History.


 1. Extreme Color-Corrections Are $185/hr And Are Between $1665 - $2220

 2. Usually Takes A Minimum Of 9 to 12 Hours To Clean The Palette.

 2. A Large Number Of Hair Treatments Are Used During That Process.

 3. An Additional 3 Hours Are Required To Put Your New Color Back In.

 4. Extreme Color-Corrections Are A Two Day Process.

 5. A Stopping Point Will Be Determined On Day One At The 9 Hour Mark.

 6. We Will Resume The Following Day, On Day Two, To Finish The Correction.

 Online Color-Correction Consultations Usually Take Up To 30 Minutes And Are $100. 

 An Extreme Color-Correction Transformation Consult May Be Up To An Hour (Strand Test) And Cost $185.


 - Extreme Color-Correction Appointments Are Booked On A Thursday/Friday Combo Only.

 - A $1085 Non-Refundable Deposit Is Required To Hold An Extreme Correction Appointment.

 - The Remainder Payments Of Day One And The Deposit For Day Two Are Due At The End Of Day One.

EXTREME Color-Corrections!

 A Bolder Blonde Specializes....

 A Bolder Blonde Specializes In Haircolor Corrections, Specialty Haircolor, Tailored Haircuts, Luxury Custom Extensions, Custom Wigs, Pravana Smoothing Hair Treatments, Paul Mitchell Styling And Tools, Redken Color, And Pravana Vivids.