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 - By Participating In This Scholarship, Applicant Agrees That Bolder Beauty™, A Bolder Blonde, Applicant's Cosmetology School, Applicant's Current Employer, And Any Affiliates, Will Have No Liability Whatsoever For Any Injuries, Losses, Or Damages Of Any Kind, To Persons, Or Property, Resulting In Whole Or In Part From Accepting This Scholarship, Whether It Be From Acts Entering The Scholarship, The Scholarship Workshop Itself, Or Promotion Of The Scholarship, Or Any Claims On Publicity Rights, Claims Of Defamation, Or Claims Of Invasion Of Privacy

 - By Participating In This Scholarship, Applicant Agrees That Bolder Beauty™, A Bolder Blonde, Applicant's Cosmetology School, Applicant's Current Employer, And Any Affiliates, Will Have No Liability Whatsoever For Any Scholarship Award That Cannot Be Awarded Due To Acts Of God, Acts Of War, Natural Disasters, Pandemic Shutdown, Severe Weather, Business Closure, Or Acts Of Terrorism