Color Specialty &  Haircolor Corrections

 A Bolder Blonde 


 The Bolder Beauty™ Scholarship Letter Of Recommendation Rules:

 - Your Letter Of Recommendation Needs To Come From Your Cosmetology Instructor, A Salon Affiliate, Or Client

    It Needs To Come From Someone Who Can Vouch For Your Talents And Your Character

 - Your Letter Of Recommendation Should Verify Your Skills, Abilities, And Your Strength Of Character

 - The Letter Of Rec Must Be In A PDF Format In 10 MB Or Less

 Letter Of Rec Format Is Listed Below



 - To Whom It May Concern,

 - An Introduction That Tells Me Who You Are, Your Relationship To The Applicant, And Your Area Of Expertise  


 - Tell Me About The Applicant's Strengths As You've Seen Or Experienced Them


 - Tell Me A Story That Expands On The Best Traits That The Applicant Has 


 - Summarize Why You Think The Applicant You Are Writing For Should Receive This Scholarship


 - Sincerely,

 - Your Name, Your Title, Company