Color Specialty &  Haircolor Corrections

 A Bolder Blonde 


​ A Bolder Blonde Is An Expanding Commission-Based Salon That Is Offering Elite Training, Benefits, And Compensation That Is Unheard Of In Our Industry. 

 - Bolder Stylists Receive The Type Of Strict Elite Training That Most Stylists Never See In Their Career, Their Services Are Never Discounted Because They Are New 

 - As A Bolder Beauty Affiliate Under A Bolder Blonde, You Will Receive Training In All Of Our Highly Specialized Services

 The Apprenticing Protege Position Is A Unicorn Career Opportunity 

 This Will Be The Most Important Hire I Make For A Bolder Blonde To Ensure The Future For My Business And Brand That I Have Worked Extraordinarily Hard For.

 - The Apprenticing Protege Position Requires An Individual Who Has Natural Leadership Abilities And Great Mentorship Qualities.

 - The Apprenticing Protege Is A Salaried Position And The Salary Goes Up As You And A Bolder Blonde Grow.

​ - My Apprenticing Protege Will Take On My Schedule And Help Take Care Of My Clientele.

 - Taking On Any New Clients Will Always Be Secondary To Taking Care Of My Existing Clients On The Schedule.

 - As I Travel And Educate, You Will Be Caring For My Clients As If They Are Your Own, And Eventually They Will Be.

 - I Will Start To Transition Into A Different Position As A Training Headmaster Within A Bolder Blonde.

​ - You Will Eventually Help Train Other Stylists Once You've Reached The Knowledge Of A Master Trainer Position.

 - Once This Happens, You Will Transition Into The New Position Of Headmaster. This Will Afford You More Flexibility.

​ - This Is Why My Hiring Process And Training Process For The Apprenticing Protege Position Is The Most Critical.

 - Every Hire For A Bolder Blonde Is Designed To Be A Long Term Career Hire Because Of The Exclusive Bolder Beauty And Bolder Color Training Workshops That Are Required To Ensure Quality Control.

​ - This Exclusive Training Cannot Be Received Anywhere Else In The World.

​ - Check Out The Other Career Pages To Learn More About All The Workshop Training That Is Offered.


 Below Are Basic Prices For Some Of Our Services

Bolder Stylist Pricing 

 - Haircut  $65

 - Single Process Color  $120 

​   Single Process Color + Ends  $145

 - Full Foil  $190

 - Balayage  $235

   BalayageOmbre  $325

   Foilayage  $235

   Full Babylight  $300

   DoubleProcess Blonde  $210

   (Includes Toner Or ColorMelt)

 - Color-Correction Hourly  $100

 - Blowout + Thermal  $65

 - Specialty Style  $200

 - Brow Shaping  $35


 - Current Colorado COS License

 - Standing For Long Periods Of Time During Color Services

 - Standing For Long Periods Of Time Throughout The Day

​ - Ability To Do Scalp Massages And Proficient Styling

 - Ability To Have Extensive Communication With Clients

​ - Ability To Multi-Task And Move Quickly  

 - Ability To Drive At Any Point In Time During Our Flex Hours

 - Ability To Lift Up To 25 lbs 



 - The First Part Of Your Apprenticeship Is Shadowing And Getting Into The Routine

 - Keeping The Salon And Tools Clean

 - Fast And Precise Toner Applications

​ - Getting Hands-In With The Client Experience With Scalp Massages And Blowouts

​   With Client Feedback 

 - And Mannequin Practice

​ - Once You've Passed These Basics Of Apprenticeship, With Excellent Client Feedback, We Will Move On To Your Fast-Paced Elite Training 


 - Requires Passing Of The Basics Of Apprenticeship

 You Will Complete Our Full-Day Apprenticeship Workshop On A Mannequin Head

​ - This Will Teach You Hands-On All Of Our Service Training, This Will Be Under Your Headmaster's Guidance

 You Will Complete A Half-Day Apprenticeship Workshop On A Model

 - This Will Focus Mostly On All Haircutting Skills, This Will Be Under Your Headmaster's Guidance

 You Will Complete A Second Full-Day Color-Correction On A Mannequin Head

 - This Will Focus On New ColorPriming Skills, This Will Be Under Your Headmaster's Guidance

You Will Complete A Third Full-Day Color-Correction On A Mannequin Head

 - This Will Focus On New Decolorizing Skills, This Will Be Under Your Headmaster's Guidance

 You Will Complete A Fourth Full-Day Color-Correction On A Mannequin Head

 - This Will Focus On Silver Transformation Skills, This Will Be Under Your Headmaster's Guidance 

 You Will Complete A Fifth Full-Day Color-Correction On A Mannequin Head

 - This Will Focus On Pravana Vivids Skills, This Will Be Under Your Headmaster's Guidance

 You Will Complete A Sixth Full-Day Of Color-Correction On A Mannequin Head

 - This Will Focus On Vivid Removal Skills, This Will Be Under Your Headmaster's Guidance

​ - You Will Complete Up To Five Transformation Models Under Your Headmaster's Guidance

 - When All Of These Requirements Are Satisfactorily Completed You Will Be Qualified To Be A Bolder Stylist 


​ - Full-Time Offering

 - No Clients Needed

 - Salaried Position

 - 10 Days Paid Sick Leave

 - Accrued Maternity Leave (2 Weeks Per Commission Year Up To 2 Months Total)

 - 3 Weeks Paid Holiday For Salon Closure During Thanksgiving And Christmas To New Years

 - Paid In-Salon Meetings And Specialized Bolder Color And Services Training

 - Meetings During Normal Business Hours

 - Family And Friends Transformation Model Services At Affordable Flat Fee

 - Business Cards, Referral Cards, And Online Marketing Provided

 - Respectful Salon Policies And Service Deposits That Protect Your Income

Bolder Stylist Growth

 - Click Here For Bolder Stylist Level 5 (L5) Prices

 - A Bolder Blonde Pricing Starts Our Bolder Stylists At Level 5 (L5)


 - Advanced Bolder Stylists Start At Level 6 (L6)


 - Master Stylists Start At Level 7 (L7)

​ - Master Stylists At Level 9 (L9) Move Up To 55% Commission

 - Elite Master Stylists Start At Level 10 (L10)

 - Every Year (Or Every Other Year) You Will Have The Opportunity To Level-Up

​ - Leveling-Up Requires Further Workshop Training On More Difficult Color-Corrections

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