​    Bolder Beauty envisions a world where more clients hold their hairdressers in high regard.

    - Where stylists receive better education inside and outside of beauty school.

​    - Where there are far less consumers having unsatisfying salon services.

    - Where more salons seek to elevate themselves by elevating their stylists.


     Bolder Core Values

    Bolder Beauty core values and guiding principles for the salon are simple.

    Bolder Beauty values goal setting, personal responsibility, respectful listening, humane treatment of others, constructive feedback, healthy boundaries, and mutually beneficial business practices.


    Goals are not about the destination, they are about what is required of you to reach the destination.

​    - Goals are about the journey, the journey is what builds the strength and character needed for the destination.

    - The person you are today will be different than the person who has reached those goals.

    - Cheating the journey comes at the expense of character.


​    The more you want out of life, and out of your journey, the more responsibility you will bear.

    - Never forget, with great power, comes great responsibility.

​   - Responsibility is hard work and hard work must be respected.

​    - Cheating responsibility is cheating yourself and those who depend on you.

    Respectful Listening

    Listening to people is truly an empathetic skill.  It requires you to step away from yourself and to listen constructively to what someone is saying to you about their experiences.

​    - Understanding what is and what isn't about you, is also a skill. Especially if you're feeling attacked by what someone is saying.

    - If you find yourself defensively speaking off-topic and gaslighting people, take a step back and evaluate why.

​    Treatment Of Others

    Treat others in the way you would like to be treated.


​    - Treat your boss in the way you would like to be treated.

    - Treat your employees in the way you would like to be treated.

​    - Treat your clients in the way you would like to be treated.

    - The treatment of people in the workplace can lead to constructive criticism and/or critiquing.

   -  Without constructive criticism we cannot be better.

​    - The online treatment of others is extremely important as we move forward with technology.

    - In this time of online commentary, common decency is not being practiced.

    - When you are online, you are representing, not only you, but your employer, and brands that are affiliated with you.

   -  Demeaning others simply because you have been demeaned on your journey is not tolerated in Bolder Salon Culture.

    - Demeaning archaic hierarchies are a thing of the past and do not contribute to growth.


    Constructive criticisms, constructive critiquing, and positive reviews are the types of feedback that are the very foundation of Bolder Beauty.  It is how Bolder Beauty came into existence.

​    - Without feedback, we cannot get to the truth of an experience.

    - Feedback helps us grow in areas that we need to grow.

   -  Feedback lets us know when we are doing great and what we could do better.

   -  Feedback lets us know how to move forward and what to leave behind.


​    Establishing healthy boundaries between co-workers, owners, management, employees, and clients is vital for healthy work environments.

​    - Demeaning employees and/or the allowance of clients to demean employees should never be tolerated.

    - The negative psychology of the treatment of women and artists overall in the beauty industry cannot be overstated or overlooked.

​    - Establishing healthy boundaries needs to be a more vocal sentiment.

​    - Protecting employees from scammers, abusive clients, and any abusive peers should always be number one.

    Mutually Beneficial Business Practices

    This core value may be last, but it certainly is not least.  Turning profits should always be WITH employees and not at the EXPENSE of employees.

    Bolder Beauty believes in sustainable and equitable profits that benefit everyone.

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Bolder Salon Culture Is Based Off Of The Bolder Mission Statement, Vision, And Core Values.

 Bolder Mission Statement

​ Bolder Beauty will always be the voice that represents the voices who feel they are not heard.

 Bolder Beauty will always represent better environments for stylists.

 Bolder Beauty will always represent better environments for clients.

​ Bolder Beauty will always represent better education and standards for our industry.

 Bolder Beauty represents healthy and symbiotic business practices that are mutually beneficial.

 Bolder Beauty represents the uplifting and betterment of women, and creatives overall, in the beauty industry and wholly support environments that provide this betterment.

​ Bolder Beauty will always represent and respect the hard work that is necessary in order to achieve goals and dreams for beauty professionals.

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