Color Specialty &  Haircolor Corrections

 A Bolder Blonde 


 I've Created This Page To Show Portfolio Submission Examples For Hair And Artistry Hobbies.

 I'm Looking For You To Tell Me A Visual Story About Yourself And Show Me How You Showcase Your Work.


​ Portfolio Work Is One Of The Most Important Skills That Any Hairdresser Can Have.

 Your Portfolio Is What Brings You Clients And Can Help You Achieve A Thriving Career.

​ I'm Looking For Basic Things Like Picture Clarity, How You Frame Your Subject, And Lighting.



 Hair Artists May Be Inclined Towards Many Things.

 Before You Interview At A Bolder Blonde Salon, A Portfolio Submission Of Your Artistry Is Required.

 Whether It's Just Hair, Other Creative Ventures, Or Physical Activities :)

 Not All Artists Are Inclined Towards Elements Of Photography.

 I'm Not Expecting Your Pictures To Be Over-The-Top Like Mine, So Don't Be Nervous About Your Portfolio Submissions.



 Your Hair Submissions Should Be Your Best Work For:

 - Fashion Silver Haircolor

​ - Direct Dye

 - Blonde Haircolor

 - Brunette Balayage Haircolor

 - Red Haircolor

 - Haircut Of Any Type

​ - Color-Correction

 - Makeup, Updo, Creative Photoshoot, Or Hair Extensions 


 Your Artistry Submissions Can Be Any Type Of Hobby:

 - Additional Creative Hair Photos

 - Other Creative Activities Like: Sewing, Jewelry, Makeup, Cooking, Floral, Pottery, Gardening, Woodwork etc.

 - Physical Activities Like: Yoga, Dancing, Running, Fishing, Paddle Boarding etc. 


 I Provided My Own Slideshow To Show You More About Me And What My Creative Interests Are:

 First And Foremost, I Love Photography: Portrait, Landscape, Flora and Fauna, and Wildlife.

 I Love Capturing That Perfect Little Moment That's Framed Just Right.

 Even More Than That, I love Post-Production On My Pictures Which Can Create An Entire Mood. 

 I Love Acrylic Painting And Sculpting In All Sorts Of Mediums In Large Scale Forms.

 I Love Working With Texture Like Paper Mache, Sand, Or Gel Flakes.

 I Am Also A Costume Designer And Jewelry Maker Because I Love Creating The All Around Theme And Design For A Photoshoot.

 I Live For Mood Boards To Help Keep Me Focused On My Ideas.

 I Love Baking, Though I Don't Have Much Time Do It These Days.

 I'm A Huge Fan Of Mini Desserts And Cupcakes.

 The Cupcakes In My Slideshow Are What I Call Chocolate S'mores :)

​ I Also Used To Workout Vigorously When I Was Training For Ultra Running.

 Now I Just Enjoy An Easy Going Walk When I Have Time Lol.