Color Specialty &  Haircolor Corrections

 A Bolder Blonde 


I always envisioned having a salon that embraced both classic and creative stylists.  A salon that fostered an integration of both skill sets working as a team. I've always found it fulfilling to be in the beauty industry because it's the perfect harmony of art and technicality, but like most things, the opportunities for true creatives are few and far between.

Embracing that creative and specializing it through training starts as an Advanced Bolder Stylist. Your creative element gets more defined at the Master Stylist level.

At A Bolder Blonde Salon there will be a focus of Creative and Classic Fusion from Runway to Everyday featured in our very own BBOLDER Salon Magazine and Social Platforms.



Bolder Creatives may be inclined towards many things....when you interview at A Bolder Blonde Salon, a Portfolio Submission of your creativity is required. Whether it's hair or other creative ventures.

Not all creatives are inclined towards elements of photography. I'm not expecting your pictures to be like mine, so don't be nervous about your portfolio submissions!

I provided my own slideshow to show you what my creative interests are:

First and foremost, I love Photography. Portrait, Landscape, Flora and Fauna, and Still Life. I love capturing that perfect little moment that's framed just right. Even more than that, I love Post-Production on my pictures which can create a mood. Clear and crisp, deep and high-contrasted colors, and photoshop for lens flare, fog, glitter, or bubbles. I live for Photo Editing.

I love Acrylic Painting and Sculpting all sorts of mediums in large scale forms, which also means I love doing Backdrops for photos, especially Three-Dimensional.

I love working with Texture like paper mache, sand, or gel flakes.

I am also a Costume Designer and Jewelry Maker because I love creating the all around theme and design for a photoshoot.

I live for Mood Boards to keep me focused.

Last but not least, I love Baking and I'm a huge fan of Mini Desserts and Cupcakes. The cupcakes in my slideshow are what I call Chocolate Smores... they're Chocolate Cupcakes with a Chocolate-Caramel Drizzle, Marshmallow Fluff and a sprinkle of crushed Graham Crackers :)