A Bolder Blonde 

Color Specialty &  Haircolor Corrections


 Life Has Been Incredibly Hard For So Many During This Pandemic, Especially For Small Business.

 I Have Watched Beauty Schools And Salons Go Out Of Business And Many Beauty Pros Leave The Industry.


 Abiding By Strict Disinfection Protocols And Making Sure Clients Are Aware Of The Covid Policies Has Allowed A Bolder Blonde To Remain In Business Throughout This Most Difficult Time.

 This Has Been Sincerely Appreciated.

 During The Surge Over The Holidays It Was Imperative To Discuss The Impacts Of Decisions That Could Ultimately Effect Many Client's Appointments If Clients Were Not Careful. 

 Communication And Mutual Respect Has Been Key And It Has Kept A Bolder Blonde Thriving :)

 For That, I Am Ever Thankful With All My Heart.

 Below, I Will Go Over My Salon's Disinfection Process And The Tri-County Protocols For Business Shutdown Procedures.



 Firstly, Vesper Salon Studios Installed An Air Purification System In Their HVAC That Kills Viruses And Bacteria,

​ To Bring You Peace Of Mind With Our Air.

​ I Already Had A Unit In My Private Suite That Was A Virus-Killing Air Purifier To Keep Us All Safe,

 But Now We're Doubly Safe :)

 Plus All The Disinfection Below Is Done In-Between Every Single Client:

 * My Disinfection Process Takes About 15 Minutes *

 - Lysol Is Immediately Sprayed On My Curtains, Coat /PurseHanger, And My Door

 - The Client Shelf, Client Chair, Shampoo Chair, And Shampoo Bowl Are All Wiped Down With Disinfectant

 - All Styling Tools Are Sprayed With Disinfectant And Then Scrubbed Clean

​ - My Styling Station, All Hairstyling Products, And Appliances That I Used Are All Wiped Down With Disinfectant

 - My Stylist Tray, Stylist Stool, Trash Can Lid, And Broom Handle And Dustpan Are Wiped Down With Disinfectant

 Again, This Is Done In-Between Every Client. 



 If A Client Has Tested Positive...

​ Asymptomatic Positive- You Are Considered Infectious 48 Hours Prior To Testing Date.

 Symptomatic Positive- You Are Considered Infectious 48 Hours Prior To Symptoms Starting.


If You Have Been In The Salon For An Appointment During That Timeframe...

 I Must Shut The Salon Down For Two Weeks And Go Into Quarantine.

​ This Is Because, As A Beauty Professional, I Cannot Abide By The Typical 6 Feet Of Social Distancing.

​ We Are In Close Proximity To One Another And As Such I Will Have To Go Into Quarantine.

We All Must Do Our Part To Stay Safe, Especially Within Two Weeks Of Your Salon Appointment :)

 Thank You Again For Being So Courteous Of Me And Of Other Clients That You Share Me With, 

 And For Putting Your Trust In Me To Keep You Safe....And Looking Your Best! XO