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A Bolder Blonde is offering Advanced Salon Education To Stylists To Help Achieve Higher Paying Positions,

And For Salons To Help Achieve Higher Earning Stylists.

When I started cosmetology in 1995, it was with the determination that I was going to apprentice with a Color Specialist at one of the most prestigious salons in Boulder, CO.  I had seen the most amazing haircolor come out of that salon and became absolutely obsessed with working there.  There was nowhere else that I was going to work. Period.

I had the understanding that school was for basic training and that the real education was out in the field.  It was that education that set stylists apart in their technique and their prices. 

I realize now how lucky I was to receive that level of education and strict training.  I have built everything that I am upon that level of training, and I am happy to pass on that knowledge, along with twenty-three years of my own elevations to our industry.


Today, I see a lot of new professionals not getting the training they deserve because Colorado's economy has left salon owners scrambling for the last ten+ years.  Many salons have resorted to booth rent only and others are quick to throw stylists out on the floor with very limited education.

I have found that many salons are offering large sign-on bonuses (with contingencies). But what good will $500 do you when you'll probably be stuck making limited hourly income in an environment that limits creativity and professional growth? 

If you want to make high dollar on your haircuts, and even more on color, then you need the training. 

If you want to set yourself apart from other stylists that are applying for the same positions, then you need to have a better resume and portfolio.

This is where I come in.  Take a look around my site and view my gallery and videos.  Visit A Bolder Blonde on Instagram.  This is my portfolio.  If you would like the education and portfolio that I'm offering, then read on...



If you want to quickly learn some substantial daily business pointers, such as: Color Application Technique and Formulation, Tailored Haircutting Technique, Shampooing For Client Satisfaction, and Faster On-Point Blowouts and Styling....Then Bolder Intro is for you.  Bolder Intro is a prerequisite for all In-Salon Training.  Click Here or on PDF below for full details....

If you want a more well-rounded immersion into multiple different types of hair, using Bolder's Haircolor Techniques and Bolder's Tailored Haircutting Techniques....Then Bolder Immersion is for you.  Click Here or on PDF below for full details....

If you're looking to get next level with your learning experience and get completely hands-on, then Bolder Advanced Portfolio is for you!  I highly recommend this and it's worth every penny.  This level of education is tangible and you'll have something major to show for it! Best of all, it's IN STATE! You don't have to pay airfare and hotel expenses traveling to California or New York on top of major class fees.  This is haircolor, haircutting, and portfolio pictures, right here in Colorado, For You!

Choose Your Color- Dimensional Blonde, Red, Brunette, or Vivid for your model or mannequin and you will get hands-on under my direction and supervision.  No flat colors for this workshop!  You will end this session with pictures I have taken of your work that I will edit and send to you for your own portfolio.  Your portfolio pictures will represent three different styles: sleek, wavy, and an upstyle.  You will have original edits and some will be collaged and fonted for you.  Your new technique and professionalism will set you apart from other stylists applying for higher pay positions and will be a fantastic selling point to potential clients and salons.  Click Here or on PDF below for full details....


The most amazing and difficult course I offer!  You will get hands-on under my direction and supervision.  Bring your most difficult clients and models here! This course will do mostly impossible color-corrections, requiring major tonal changes, and  base level changes ranging from two to three levels and possibly more.  Click Here or on PDF below for full details....

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