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A Bolder Blonde Specializes....

A Bolder Blonde Specializes in Haircolor Corrections, Specialty Haircolor, Tailored Haircuts, Luxury Custom Extensions, Custom Wigs, Pravana Smoothing Hair Treatments, Paul Mitchell Styling And Tools, Redken Color, And Pravana Vivids. 

All Reviews Posted Here Are Organic And Are Through Square Client-Feedback.


"I Am Accepting New Clients For Waitlist On Thursdays Only. I'm Fully Booked Fri-Mon With The Exception Of The Occasional Cancellation And Reschedule. New Clients Can Schedule Via The Contact Page HERE...

New Clients Must Be Very Flexible With Their Schedule To Get On My Books.  Please Visit The Service Page Under Appointments For More Details.

Calls for appointments may take up to a week to return.
Appointments may not be available immediately and it may be up to a month or two before an appointment is available. So please be prepared!

Appointments are confirmed one month in advance, most clients have 4-6 appointments booked in advance.

Appointments are confirmed, again, the week of."

About Misty Dawn....

Misty Dawn Is The Owner Of A Bolder Blonde Salon, Head Of Bolder Beauty, And Creator Of Bolder Color.

A Bolder Blonde Specializes In Haircolor Corrections, Specialty Haircolor, Tailored Haircuts, Luxury Custom Extensions, Custom Wigs, Pravana Smoothing Treatments, Paul Mitchell Styling And Tools, Redken Color, And Pravana Vivids.

After Becoming Licensed In 1996, Misty Dawn Became A Color Specialist At A Prestigious Salon In Boulder, CO. She Then Moved From Boulder To Hilton Head Island, SC, Before Making Parker, CO, Her Home Where She Established A Bolder Blonde in 2010.

Misty Dawn Remains Continuously On-Trend Through Education And Creating Her Own Branded Content.

As The Creator Of The Bolder Color Program, Misty Dawn Updated Color Education For Hairdressers Through Brand New Color Theory For Hair And A Step-By-Step Guide For Specific Color-Corrections. Bolder Color Was Designed To Create A Universal Language For Color Among Hairdressers.

As The Head Of Bolder Beauty, Misty Dawn Manages And Oversees All Digital, Social, And Printed Bolder Beauty Content. She’s Currently Working On The Launch Of Nine Bolder Beauty Training Books, Website, Blog, Videos, And Social Media.

Above All Else, Misty Dawn Is Happiest As A Creative Being A Hairdresser In Her Salon. Her Client-Fam Are Her Muses And Challenge Her Skills Daily.

She’s Fully Booked Friday To Monday And Opened Up Thursdays For New Clients And Bolder Beauty Scholarship Workshops.

Most Of Misty Dawn’s Newer Clients Have Found Her Through Searching For Specialty Hair Services Online; They Are Generally Blonde Color-Corrections, Fashion Silver, And Foilayage/Balayage Clients.

Training, Accomplishments, And Education....

  Boulder Tec Cosmetology '95

  One Year Color Specialist Apprenticeship Program at Charisma Salon '96

  Hands-On Development of Misty's New Color-Correction Theories '97 to '18

  Certified With Logics Haircolor '97

  Independent Contractor '01

  American Crew MensWork Academy Clipper Course '01

  Gioia Lingerie Fashion Show, Boulder, CO, 8 Model Up-Styles '03

  Paul Mitchell Advanced Cut and Color Class '05

  Paul Mitchell The Color Class '05

  TIGI Styling Class '06

  Development of Signature Techniques for Tailored Haircuts '07

  Metropolitan State University of Denver, English Major, N.A. Studies Minor, Honors Accepted '08 to '09

  Author of TMM The Misty Method of Color-Correction (First Edition) '09

  Learning and Development of Business Marketing Tools and Strategies '09

  Owner of A Bolder Blonde '10

  Website Development '10

  TMM Color-Correction Tester Workshops at Heads Up Salon '11

  First Edition A Bolder Blonde Magazine '11

  First Apprentice Training '11

  Author of A Bolder Blonde Assistant Guide '11

  Choice Extensions Workshop, Cold and Hot Fusion '12

  Author of Building Your Brand: A Guide For The Independent Stylist '12

  Second Apprentice Training '12

  Author of TMM Level 1.A.- Core Principles- Solids- Blondie Workshop- Book and DVD (First Edition) '12

  Author of TMM New Color Theory and Color-Correction Theory Standard (Provisional Patent Pending Book) '12

  Passed Milady Peer Review for TMM '12

  (Took A Year Off From Technical Writing- Worked On Music And Trained For A Marathon '13)

  Development of TMM- Raven Workshop- Level 1.C.- Get The Black Out '14 to '15

  Provisional Patent Pending for TMM- Raven Workshop '16

  TMM Meeting with Robert Stafford (R. Stafford) '16

  TMM Discussion With VP of Product And Development Paul Mitchell '16

  Development of Bolder Beauty Group '16

  Paul Mitchell Color Class '16

  Pravana Mastering Blonding Workshop: Classic Balayage and ColorMelt '16

  Pravana Vivids Hair Art Workshop: Sand Art and Tie Dye Technique '16

  Developmental Stages for Bolder Salons '17

  Developmental Stages for BBolder Haircare '17

  Developmental Stages for Bolder Beauty Training '18

  Developmental Stages for Bolder Color Mastering Haircolor '18

  Matrix 911 Workshop '18

  L'Oreal Balayage Workshop '18

  Redken Pastels Workshop '18

  Redken Perfect Blonde Workshop '18

  Redken Haircolor Trends Workshop '18

  Redken Silver Workshop '18

  Development of Bolder Salons Stylist Workshops '19

  Developmental Stages for Bolder Beauty Business And Training Books '19

  Bolder Beauty Blog '19

  Bolder Beauty: Masters Of Bolder Color: Mastering Haircolor And Color-Corrections '20

  Bolder Beauty: Science Of Bolder Color: New Color Theory And Color-Correction Theory Standard '20

  Bolder Beauty: Workshops Of Bolder Color: Foundational Workshops For New Color Theory Priming And Decolorizing '20

  Bolder Beauty: Affiliate Textbook: Business, Training, And Color '20

​  Bolder Beauty: Affiliate Program '20

​  Bolder Beauty: Transformations Program '20

  Bolder Beauty: Videos: Foundations Of Bolder Beauty Training And Bolder Color '20

  Bolder Beauty: Business: Independent Stylist: Branding, Marketing, And Growth '20

  Bolder Beauty: Business: Salon Growth: Training, Strategy, And Promos '20

  Bolder Beauty: Business: Stylist Training: Salon Assistant To Commission Stylist '20

  The Woman Behind The Brand: An Unapologetic Autobiography '20

  Bolder Stylist Scholarship Workshops '20

  Bolder Beauty Merch Shop '20


​  Bolder Beauty Website '20

  Bolder Beauty Launch  '21 - '22




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